Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hair loss and headwear

A bit of a light hearted 'photo' blog this time as I'm feeling a lot better today.  I thought I'd share some of my headwear with you, some of which I've had for years.  I'm going to start with a picture of me with a bald head for comparison.  For those of a nervous disposition, look away NOW!

My 'Dr Evil' look
A silk scarf that a friend with cancer gave me

My 'Monty Python/Englishman on the beach' look
A deep green wig from a good friend
A purple wig from same good friend

A wig I bought for fun years ago
My Cher wig from a fund raising event

God knows why I have this one
A gift but I have no idea who from

My teal (for the Belfast Giants) bandana
My Belfast Giants teal wig

My sleep cap

Someone made me this ice hockey helmet #47 #workbootson

My NHS wig

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling on the up today. Fab photos. You look great in all of them... Although I'm not sure the Cher look is for you... Lol xx Lynne

    1. Thanks Lynne. I have a punk wig somewhere that I was desperate to find. That's far better than Cher xx

  2. What a selection of headgear you have! Good to see you're feeling better again. xx

  3. First time I met you today Karen and you were looking great. Brilliant wigs! Are you sure they're all pics of you? What a difference a wig makes! Anyway, you and the rest brightened up my day cos I find it difficult sometimes though I know I'm not the only one. Life doesn't revolve round Roy lol. Great time, great company and Macmillan guys and gals pulled it off well. And the weather was kind 😁. There's no way a stranger could've worked out the common denominator. Look forward to some more quality time with quality folk! See you soon Karen

    1. Hi Roy, thank you so much for reading my blog. It was lovely to meet and chat to you on Friday. It was such a good day wasn't it and the craic was great. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the photos are all of me unfortunately. Please do stay in touch and see if you can get along to our Move More group. They are a great bunch..

  4. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences.

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